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Spiaggia CattolicaA resort bordering between Romagna and the Marche, where the hills meet the sea, stands the town of Cattolica. Thanks to its geographical position, a large natural inlet protected from strong winds and marine currents, Cattolica has earned the title since the 19th century of "Queen of the Adriatic" Its beach of fine, light coloured sand, on average one hundred metres wide, and the shallow shoreline protected by rocks, makes it an ideal destination for lovers of the sea.

The resort has retained its culture and hospitality of its inhabitants in which the holidaymaker can appreciate and absorb during their stay.

Cattolica is a modern town enriched with places of culture, entertainment and sport, shops, squares, paved avenues, waterfront promenades, churches and museums.

The "Teatro della Regina", the only theatre built post-war in Italy offers a varied programme where they offer drama, opera, operetta, dance and comedy theatre but the show comes from the walls of the theatre itself and offers great concerts and events capable of accommodating up to 4,000 people.Entertainment is a theme that accompanies all of the town – the dancing fountains and fountain of mermaids of Piazza Primo Maggio or the many squares and streets, where there are shows and events in summer evenings.

Also the port summarizes the typical character of the city: the old dock dedicated to fishing boats, a few years later, saw the arrival of the new inner dock, with the beautiful and characteristic drawbridge, and the new outer harbour with 200 berths for luxury yachts.

From the harbour, the promenade walk stretches to two kilometres that goes all the way to the opposite side of the city, where the Aquatic Park Le Navi emerges. In the vicinity of the theme parks and historical centres, artistic and cultural of inland ' Romagna and the Marche, making Cattolica the ideal starting point for excursions to the medieval villages and castles rich in culture, history and tradition. Equally interesting are the natural attractions, such as the nature park of Monte San Bartolo or the Parco Fluviale del Conca.

Cattolica’s Aquarium
It is the largest Aquarium of the Adriatic and is situated inside the walls of Le Navi which resembles an old ship of the 1930’s.

The Aquarium welcomes visitors to a sea of colours and fun: the clown fish, turtles, jellyfish and large bull sharks together give us a deep understanding of the sea and its relationship with man.

A fun park for children and their entire family - offers four different trails

The BLUE trail shows the history of the planet, its biological evolution, through fish tanks. Today we can still admire the species which have survived after millions of years such as the large bull sharks which are considered living fossils.
Sharks, penguins, turtles, and jellyfish are just a few of the many protagonists of this exciting journey.

The YELLOW trail, a voyage of discovery of freshwater creatures that live there, baby crocodiles and also playful and cute mammals of our planet as well as the Asian otters, presented in their natural environment.

The PURPLE trail is interactive, which allows you to discover and listen to the sounds of the sea emitted by the sharks, the high pitch of the lobster, the songs of whales and dolphins recorded from the bottom of the sea. For the first time, you can listen and see some of the Mediterranean and tropical species that communicate through sounds.

The GREEN trail, is completely dedicated to the families of exotic animals, their characteristics and how inquisitive they can be. Chameleons, iguanas, frogs, insects and snakes, tarantulas, lethal and rare reptiles, are just a few of the animals that populate it.

Finally, the real attraction of the Park is formed by the impressive shark tank: from small Mediterranean sharks to the impressive South African Bull shark as well as violin sharks stingrays, marine stingrays and dancing sea eagles The biggest thrill of the park is to totally submerge yourself in the shark tank with a highly experienced member of staff.
For the little ones, the Aquarium has set aside a final surprise: a visit from the purple stingrays, a velvety creature from the ray family which children can lovingly caress.

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