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The excellent position in which Cattolica is situated on the Adriatic coast, ensures its visitors the opportunity to participate in numerous and interesting excursions and tourist routes in which to discover the beautiful countryside of Romagna.

Among the many important destinations, there is the castle of Gradara, a few kilometres from Cattolica, whose fortress was the frame to the love story of Paolo and Francesca by Dante in the Divine Comedy.
Nearby, lies the Parco Naturale of San Bartolo - the scenic route that leads from Gabicce Mare to Casteldimezzo. Gabicce Monte overlooks the entire Romagna coast which allows you to enjoy thrilling landscapes and sunsets.
Lets continue to Pesaro where you will find a cove with a characteristic pebbled beach - the Vallugola Bay and a corner of paradise - the small and charming beach of Fiorenzuola di Focara.

We must also remember the Montefeltro territory rich in terms of nature, history and art. Evident is the legacy left by the presence of noble families, such as those of Montefeltro, Carpegna, the Malatesta of Rimini, Sforza, Della Rovere and the Medici’s
Signs of these times are the numerous castles, fortresses and palaces of the Renaissance period hence the nickname "Land of Castles".Eye-catching Urbino, with its splendid Ducale Palace; the fortress of San Leo, the forts of Mondaino and Montefiore and the medieval villages of Saludecio and Montegridolfo.

Finally, we cannot forget the Republic of San Marino, a small independent State in the heart of Italy, just a few kilometres from Rimini, where you can visit fortresses, churches and museums or dedicate some time shopping in the historical town centre or in the numerous shopping centres.

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